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"Analysis of earthworm casting reveals that they are richer in plant nutrients than the soil, about three times more calcium and several times more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium."
-- K.P. Barley, Advances in Agronomy
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About Us


We were once a backyard earthworm breeder and after many years of toying with it, we turned to serious earthworm compost business in 2004. Our business has since grown by leaps and bounds. For us it is not just about making a profit. From day one, our desire has been to venture into an eco-friendly industry. A commitment to environment preservation is and always will be, our main purpose.


To run the business seriously, we have the facility such as enclosed production space to provide better temperature and humidity control. We use time-tested, proven methods to grow large quantities of earthworms (Lumbricus rubellus and Eisenia Foetida). The vermicompost are separated from the earthworms by using a two-steps mechanical/hand sorting harvesting process. All our vermicompost are sifted thru 1/8 screen and consist of 99% pure casting.


We are a full time, full service commercial vermicompost farm. We provide vermicompost for all types and sizes of projects such as organic farm, nursery and golf causes.