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"Redworm castings contain a high percentage of humus. Humus helps soil particles form into clusters, which create channels for the passage of air and improve its capacity to hold water. Humic acid present in humus, provides binding sites for the plant nutrients but also releases them to the plants upon demand"
-- Dan Holcombe and J.J. Longfellow 1995.

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For millions of year, the incredible earthworm has been one of the nature’s greatest producer of valuable plant food.

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Vermicast (also called earthworm castings, earthworm compost, vermicompost, earthworm humus or earthworm manure). This 100% organic, non-burning, non-toxic, odourless and high nutrients plant-food can provide the remarkable benefits such as:


  • The contains are in the most simple form, hence it allows plants to quickly and easily absorb all their essential nutrients and trace-elements. So plants only need minimal efforts to obtain them.
  • The microorganism in the earthworm’s unique digestive system will produce beneficial microbes, nutrients, humus, enzymes and plant growth hormones which are presented in its casting. Thus it has a very high microbial activity that can enhance and amend soil conditions in an organic and natural way for vigorous plant growt.
  • The earthworm’s digestive system also coats the castings with ‘polisaccharides’, which will provide optimum soil structure for maximum aeration & water retention. Hence it also can help to breakup clay soil.
  • Promote fibrous root system.
  • Balance up soil’s pH reading.
  • Improve soil’s Electrical Conductivity (EC) Improve the quality of the plants’ yield.
  • Increase the plant’s immunity systems to against diseases.

Our earthworm compost are 100% natural. They are super premier soil amendment, enhancer, conditioner and fertilizer that come to you straight from nature without any modification.


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