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For millions of year, the incredible earthworm has been one of the nature’s greatest producer of valuable plant food.

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Vermicast (also called earthworm castings, earthworm compost, vermicompost, earthworm humus or earthworm manure). This 100% organic, non-burning, non-toxic, odourless and high nutrients plant-food can provide the remarkable benefits such as:


  • The contains are in the most simple form, hence it allows plants to quickly and easily absorb all their essential nutrients and trace-elements. So plants only need minimal efforts to obtain them.
  • The microorganism in the earthworm’s unique digestive system will produce beneficial microbes, nutrients, humus, enzymes and plant growth hormones which are presented in its casting. Thus it has a very high microbial activity that can enhance and amend soil conditions in an organic and natural way for vigorous plant growt.
  • The earthworm’s digestive system also coats the castings with ‘polisaccharides’, which will provide optimum soil structure for maximum aeration & water retention. Hence it also can help to breakup clay soil.
  • Promote fibrous root system.
  • Balance up soil’s pH reading.
  • Improve soil’s Electrical Conductivity (EC) Improve the quality of the plants’ yield.
  • Increase the plant’s immunity systems to against diseases.

Our earthworm compost are 100% natural. They are super premier soil amendment, enhancer, conditioner and fertilizer that come to you straight from nature without any modification.